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Automation Journey

 Geta's Marketing Automation Fuels Your Brand’s Growth!

Elevate Your Marketing with Geta Automation Journeys

Unleash the power of marketing automation with Geta's intuitive Visual Workflow Builder. Engage your audience on a personal level, delivering timely and relevant emails that drive revenue.

Intuitive Visual Workflow Builder

- Set up a welcome series with email automation.

- Pull in information from other platforms effortlessly.

- Automate marketing tasks efficiently.

Point, Click, and Configure

- Simplify automation rules with easy point-and-click actions.

- No unnecessary complications, just a
straightforward setup.

Features Your Team Will Love

Runs on Autopilot 24/7

- Once defined, Geta runs workflows around the clock.

- Your marketing campaigns are handled seamlessly.

Simple or Complex, Your Choice

- Create a 3-email welcome campaign or a full product launch.

- Geta adapts to your marketing complexity.

Control the Journey's Flow

- Precision communication with audience filters.

- Set triggers, conditions, and actions for desired outcomes.

Use Complex Logic

-Stack conditions with AND/OR logic for advanced rules.

- Craft your marketing strategy exactly as envisioned.

Plug-and-Play Campaigns

- Import fully-built funnels with a click.

- Ready-made campaigns for instant action.

Endless Customization

- Start with professional templates, then customise.

- Tailor campaigns to fit your business perfectly.

Start your free trial today
and watch your business grow

Dive into seamless automation, impeccable customer interactions, and effortless integrations.