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GETA can help you solve many problems instantly. Now you will not have to worry about missing out on potential clients or opportunities. Instead, get clients onboarded and answer common questions asked by clients with no delay. Chatbots are available throughout the day, enabling your customers to get access to answers at any point in time.

The semantic engine uses two normalisation levels to ensure communication. It removes extra characters and performs straightforward spelling repairs when grammatical or typographical problems occur. It corrects the sentence at a deeper semantic level if the faults are more complicated.

Eliminate manual assistance and increase productivity. Enhance workflow with artificial intelligence with complete accuracy. To ensure contemporary, immediate, and efficient conversations, we developed our own conversational engine that makes use of numerous AI technologies.

Beyond the textual content, GETA determines the message’s intent and relevancy. This layer of AI examines the question’s semantics and provides a precise response. By doing this, you’ll be able to create a conversational bot that can solve issues more quickly and with fewer questions.