Unified Conversations, Unmatched Efficiency: Your All-in-One Chat inbox for Seamless Interaction!

Elevate Your Team Collaboration with Our Intuitive Chatbot Inbox

Empower your support team with a seamlessly integrated Chatbot Inbox, fostering collaboration, streamlining workflows, and boosting efficiency across all channels.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Teams

Unleash the power of teamwork with our Chatbot Inbox, providing an intuitive interface and smart automation. Your agents can seamlessly connect with customers from a unified inbox, enhancing collaboration and resolving issues efficiently.

All Your Channels, Together

Bring all your communication channels under one roof. Our Chatbot Inbox houses messaging, 1:1 support, chatbots, and more, enabling your agents to address customer needs effortlessly. Say goodbye to channel hopping and hello to a frictionless customer support experience.

Rich Insights

Leverage the goldmine of data your support team collects. From one-time interruptions to common issues, our Chatbot Inbox empowers you with rich insights, enhancing your ability to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Features Your Team Will Love

Custom Views

Gain a high-level perspective of your team's conversations with a customised inbox view aligned with your specific goals. Simplify workload organisation and enhance productivity.

Automation Workflows

Direct messages where they matter most. Implement workflow rules and assignments based on keywords, sender, time of day, and more. Streamline processes and ensure messages reach the right destination.

Internal Notes

No more tab-switching hassles! Chat directly with your teammates within the inbox. Enhance searchability and reference discussions effortlessly, making collaboration a breeze.

Satisfaction Ratings

Measure and boost customer satisfaction with ease. Send short surveys at the end of conversations and review feedback anytime. Stay in tune with your customers' sentiments.

Collision Detection

Stay ahead of the game. Receive alerts when someone is responding to a customer you're currently assisting. Prevent duplicate and conflicting responses for a seamless customer experience.


Track and optimise your support team's impact. Utilise agent reports to manage and improve overall performance. Uncover new strategies to elevate your customer support game.

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