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Revolutionize Customer Connections: Geta's Conversational AI Chatbot, Where NLP-Powered Personalization Elevates Brand Conversations!

Transform Your Conversations with's Dynamic AI Bots

Empower your business with's Customizable AI Bot, a versatile solution that scales seamlessly across your operations. No coding required – just engage, qualify leads, and automate with ease.

Engage Visitors 24/7

Unleash the power of teamwork with our Chatbot Inbox, providing an intuitive interface and smart automation. Your agents can seamlessly connect with customers from a unified inbox, enhancing collaboration and resolving issues efficiently.

No-Code Development

Build your AI chatbot in minutes without any coding or training.'s Dynamic Automation Platform accelerates time-to-market, providing a no-code environment for effortless chatbot creation.

Features Your Team Will Love

Automate Lead Qualification

Let our chatbots handle the heavy lifting. Automatically qualify inbound leads by asking crucial questions upfront, ensuring personalised treatment for each unique visitor.

Automate Queries with

Boost agent productivity with, a cognitive knowledge search engine. Utilise OpenAI API (GPT-4) models to automate over 1000 routine queries and enhance call deflection with a robust fallback strategy.

Deploy Across Channels and Languages

Reach a global audience effortlessly. Our no-code platform enables you to deploy AI-powered chat and voice bots across multiple channels and languages, ensuring seamless communication.

Conversation Designer

Design conversations effortlessly with our Dynamic Conversation Designer. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, automated workflows, and dynamic chat suggestions powered by Generative AI for a smooth chatbot-building experience.

Pre-Built Templates for Faster Deployment

Go live faster with ready-to-use templates. Choose from over 50 workflows and templates tailored for various industries and channel-specific integrations. Stay updated with new flows based on the most frequently used components.

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