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Education Sector

Revolutionizing Education with Geta.AI's AI-Powered Solutions


Geta.AI offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions for the education industry.
Designed to transform engagement, streamline operations, and drive success in educational institutions. Products include Live Chat, Customizable AI Chatbot, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, and Customer Data Platform.

Live Chat

- Real-time communication between students and educational institutions.

- Enables immediate assistance, personalized guidance, and enhances overall student experience.

Customizable AI Chatbot

- Versatile virtual assistant tailored to meet specific needs of educational institutions.

- Provides / support, assists with admissions, offers course information, and handles FAQs.

- Frees up staff resources and ensures prompt responses.

Email Marketing

- Allows creation and sending of personalised emails to students, parents, and alumni.

- Builds strong relationships, shares important updates, promotes events, and fosters ongoing engagement.

SMS Marketing

- Facilitates sending timely, informative, and personalised text messages to students and parents.

- Enables quick communication, provides reminders for deadlines and events, and fosters community building.

WhatsApp Marketing

- Leverages WhatsApp's popularity for communication in educational institutions.

- Facilitates two-way communication, delivers updates, answers queries, and strengthens institutional presence.

Customer Data Platform

- Consolidates and organizes student data for valuable insights.

- Facilitates understanding of student behaviors, preferences, and needs.

- Enables data-driven decision-making, personalized experiences, and improved outcomes.

Marketing Automation

- Simplifies marketing processes for educational institutions.

- Enables targeted messaging, personalised communication, and workflow automation.

- Nurtures prospective students, boosts enrollment rates, and improves overall marketing effectiveness.

Embrace Geta.AI's cutting-edge AI-powered solutions for education.Create a seamless learning environment, enhance student engagement, optimize operations, and stay ahead in the digital era.