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What is an Ed Tech Chatbot?

A conversational AI bot for your educational institution can automate procedures, enhance admissions, and streamline support without the need for human involvement. will help manage the student experience from admission to graduation. As a result, you will exponentially grow your educational institution. This will be done by automating repetitive processes and taking care of administrative and non-administrative enquiries; The team may operate more efficiently.

Use Cases

Student Admissions

  • Increase your registration rates by promptly and continuously resolving student problems. Promote courses, open houses, and admissions policies.
  • Assist students with campus information, enrollment procedures, and paperwork requirements.
  • Using AI chatbots in education delivers the most excellent possible student experience and streamlines and engages the admissions process.

Program Information

  • Personalised help for your students with the courses your institution offers.
  • Answer questions from students right away about the course’s syllabus, length, topic credits, internship possibilities, and more!
  • Use AI chatbots in education to automatically distribute timetables and other schedules while lowering the chance of mistakes.

Student Support

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about campus tours, orientation programmes, and future activities.
  • Support faculty and staff by responding to inquiries immediately and remaining accessible round-the-clock.
  • Smooth onboarding is made possible by omnichannel presence across several platforms, such as a website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Feedback Collection

  • Giving feedback while speaking with an educational chatbot is considerably easier than filling out a feedback form.
  • Post this; you can analyse the input to make the required modifications.
  • Utilize Facebook and WhatsApp to get feedback from students and parents.

Notifications and Reminders

  • Notify instructors, students, and other administrative personnel of future examinations, deadlines, and other managerial procedures.
  • Proactive communication with students on forthcoming tests, class schedules, and events.

Quizzes and Tests

  • Use the university chatbot to immediately administer assessments and examinations and take learning to the next level.
  • Give educational establishments a better evaluation experience using chatbots without any difficulty.
  • Send parents regular updates, including progress reports and other information.

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Benefits of a chatbot for Education

Better Decision Making

Improve your institution by basing decisions on information and analytics provided by the chatbot for the education industry.

Saves Cost

The chatbot can serve more efficiently and will reduce the educational institute's human resources cost and other overhead costs.

Reduce waiting time

Prospective students need not fill out multiple forms. Instead, utilise AI for intelligent dialogues and customer awareness to automate repetitive processes and increase agent effectiveness.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Have the edge over your ed tech industry's competitors with the help of technology and customer experience.

Real-time interaction

The chatbot helps respond to a student's query almost immediately and accurately, making real-time interaction for the student seamless.

Omnichannel Experience

Provide omnichannel service and assistance to your students wherever they may be. This makes the institute available to the student across multiple messaging channels.