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Simplify customer service and increase engagement on website with a no-code visual bot builder.

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AI-Powered Chatbots personalise the user experience by tailoring the conversation to the customer’s specific needs. AI-Powered Chatbots can suggest products to customers based on their queries, provide offers based on their buyer’s journey, and even suggest the best possible next source of action based on their need with personalization.


Why Choose GETA?

GETA is a uniquely designed and developed Conversational AI platform that gives brands a chance to connect with their audience better. It is one of the best AI-Powered chatbots you will ever come across.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Building a delightful support experience for customers and having informative conversations.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

This not only helps in giving your customers the attention they deserve but also makes your brand the go-to brand for their needs.

Trusted by 100+ Leading Organisations

Trusted by 100+ Leading Organisations

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Why Conversational AI ChatBot?



Engage in proactive communication with site visitors by greeting them with tailored chatbot messages. Create sales possibilities out of visits to your website.



Direct buyers’ attention to your best-selling products and services while also encouraging them to make a purchase.



Generate and qualify leads automatically. Real-time transfer of high-intent leads to sales representatives can shorten the sales cycle.



Utilize a chatbot to make it easy for customers to buy, order, and schedule meetings.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction With Geta.Ai


Chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies recognize sentence structure, interpret information, and enhance their ability to answer inquiries. AI chatbots first determine what the consumer or user is saying rather than relying on a pre-programmed response.
The chatbots respond to the buyer intent and purchasing behaviors using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology. AI chatbots are used by businesses to not only automate customer service but also to optimize conversion rates, improve customer experiences, and contribute to direct revenue.
The tools and programming that enable a machine to mimic and conduct human-like conversations are at the heart of conversational AI. A chatbot is software that can (but typically does not) use conversational artificial intelligence.
Chatbots can automate repetitive and time-sensitive operations. Allowing personnel to focus on more vital activities while preventing customers from waiting for responses.

1 Lac +

Time saved by Bot

1 Lac +

Time saved by Bot

1 Lac +

Time saved by Bot

1 Lac +

Time saved by Bot